Starlightkids Childminding - Pricing

My charges are as follows:






  • £5 per child per hour for all children; including meals and activities.


  • Sibling discount applies: £1 discount from the eldest child. (This only applies to regular weekly minded children i.e. not emergency or one-offs).


  • Children not in full time education, but attending other school activities e.g. pre-school or nursery will NOT be charged for the time they are at pre-school or nursery, but charged for the hours we care for them.


  • After school children will be charged from 3pm to 6.30pm, for a minimum of 2 hours. If the place is booked you pay even if they don’t attend or if they go to after school clubs, rehearsals, parties, doc appts, grandparents etc. We have a waiting list for after school slots and if you book a place with us, on a weekly basis, you WILL be charged. At £15 flat rate.


  • Before school slots are booked and charged for a minimum of 1 hour. From 7am till when the child/children drop off at school at £15 flat rate.

  •  Before and after school service is charged at £25 per child and a siblings discount at £1 difference.


  • Places are charged to the nearest half hour. For example if you collect your child at 5.15pm you will be charged to 5.30pm.


  • Children that have term-time contracts will be charged for the terms at the school they attend.


  • If your child is sick you will be charged for their booked hours.


  • Holidays - deemed as a week off, need to be booked, by email, at least 7 days in advance.

  • Half day charge at £30 minimum of 5 hours (7am to 12pm) or (1pm to 6pm)

  • Full day flat rate is £40 per child