How we go about it

I look after children ranging from 0- 13 yrs. I create a calm, playful and learning environment for children to play and learn. They are supported and cared for in any area of their lives. Their activities are carefully planned around their needs as well as the EYFS. The children are prepared by the time they ready for pre-school and school which enhances smooth transition. 

Early Learning



I also let younger children join me for drop offs and pick ups so that they see the school or pre-school for the very same reason that they become familiar with the setting and so any transitions are not so daunting. 


In the mornings, after the older children are dropped at school, I tend to have a quieter time with the younger children and babies. This can be in the form of going to toddler groups or just playing in the garden. This allows us to have some one-on-one time and help aid and hone their developing skills in lots of ways.


The Conservatory

The conservatory is used for all sorts including games, activities and can be a chill out area for the older children, which can benefit them so that they enjoy age appropriate activities without having to accommodate younger children all the time. There is also lots of books for the children to access at all times, miniature kitchen which the children love to use for role play and an activity table which has a different activity every week from puzzles to dolls houses or farms. I have a wealth of resources which are in continuous rotation, treasure baskets among others. This keeps the children’s interest, as well as there is always something different for them to play with, it lets them explore many different experiences and sections of their lives.

The Living Room


The living room is spacious and is used for quiet time, watch TV, read and listen to stories as well as have a one-to-one time with the younger children when the older ones are dropped off at school. In the garden have a collection of outdoor toys including pull along toys, mark making area, mud kitchen area, gardening area, sand tray and a water tray. The sand tray is covered overnight and all these resources are used under supervision. The children can explore the garden space securely without me having to worry and they have a variety of toys to share and play together with building a strong sense of friendship too. They all learn to play together nicely whatever age they are.

I have a completely inclusive policy and all children are welcome at my setting, if you have any specific care requirements then please speak to me.

My Team


My main focus is your child's individual needs. In order for me to support your child's development in the best possible way, I have expanded and employed and assistant who bring different qualities, knowledge and skills to my setting. We all attend regular further training courses, which enable us to bring new ideas and proposals to our daily work.