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More about myself:


Working with children is my life especially supporting them to develop and grow. And I ensure every moment of their time with me is meaningful.


And as a firm believer in children that they can strive and achieve by learning through play, I offer a warm, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment by providing a wide range of resources and equipment for both indoor and outdoor play; that meet the child's individual needs and interest. 


I follow the requirement set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Children. And I closely work in partnership with parents. I am a member of Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) and have a Public Liability Insurance. Ofsted Registered.



More about Stella


I have lots of experiences in childcare; A wealth of experience working with children and young people with and without special needs in variety of settings providing support for every area of their lives based on the five outcomes as well as the EYFS. And I have gained over thirteen years of teaching experience in the school, nursery and preschool, a nursery deputy manager, supervisor for home schoolers, a head of department in children's chapel; I have the ability to prepare lesson notes and to impart knowledge.


I have acquired many life and work experiences over the years. The mandatory training I received at work, patience and working with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. And I have also learned to respect their culture and religion by making sure everyone gets involved. Also I have a good relationship with parents and cares. I have developed the ability to plan activities for individuals, observe their development and gained knowledge of the EYFS.

Quality Service Review

“Stella has looked after our son every Sunday for some time now and I couldn’t recommend her enough. I found the whole prospect of finding childcare for my son, the most painful, nerve wrecking and upsetting thing I have ever done. I was so confused whether to choose a childminder or a nursery and choosing Stella, as our son’s childminder is the best decision we have made." (Samantha)


"Stella has been the most wonderful childminder to my son, who went to her setting for three months when he was 9months old.
I'm always very mindful about who minds my children as my eldest went to a private day nursery and my youngest only been looked after myself or dad and immediate family. So this was my first experience of having a childminder and I must say from the first meeting I was very impressed. First of all, I loved Stella's gentle and caring approach to my son and also watched how she was with the other kids in her setting. My son who normally is glued to me took a liking to Stella straightaway and was in her arms within minutes. Stella has such a beautiful, nurturing and loving persona which draws the kids to her!
Stella is extremely professional and thorough, her attention to detail was very reassuring to me that my child was being properly looked after. Every time I came to pick up my son, he would be clean, face moisturised, even on days when he had a cold and snotty nose
Stella would always communicate everything to me and keep me up to date with his progress. What I really loved especially when I had a hard day at work is that Stella would occasionally send me pictures and videos of my son playing or learning a new skill which would bring such a smile to my face and make my day
My son really flourished whilst he was at this setting, he learned nursery rhymes, reading books, making music and really developed his motor skills playing with the building blocks and fitting different shapes. Stella setting is very colourful, with a wide range of toys both fun and educational. He also learned to drink water from a beaker and practised learning to walk a lot with Stella.
Stella has been a God sent for me and my family in a time when we desperately needed childcare for my youngest son and she was very flexible and accommodating. She treated my son as her own and she is a wonderful mother to her own children who are a great testament to her as they are very well mannered, respectful and helpful to her.
Overall, I would 100% recommend Stella to anyone she is fantastic and she works extremely hard to give your child the best care."    (Patricia, Parent).


"I would unreservedly recommend Stella to any parents in the area searching for a childminder. She has looked after my daughter for nearly a year and I have seen my child flourish under her care.

Stella is incredibly knowledgeable about the early years curriculum. As a parent with limited knowledge of how to best support my daughter to ensure she progresses in line with expectations, that she keeps up with her peers and is 'school ready', Stella's understanding of what the next steps should be for her and how to support her to develop have been incredibly valuable. My daughter has often come home and demonstrated a newly learnt skill - like putting her own tights on - which I didn't know she could do and which she certainly didn't learn from me or her dad! I feel that my child has been appropriately challenged academically too. Now that she is a bit older, Stella has introduced numeracy and literacy activities in line with her age and ability. My daughter actually loves these activities but Stella is always lead by a child's mood and motivation. If she just wants to play, Stella goes with it, making the chosen game educational through discussion and reflection.

What is really remarkable about Stella is her positivity. She has got a 'can do' attitude which is infectious. Even when, on the first day Stella was looking after my daughter all day and I was rushing to work, my daughter whipped off her nappy and said she wouldn't wear it, Stella just said 'fine' and started the process of potty training her. Stella was so chilled out about tackling what I'd built up to be a really big deal and again, this gave me confidence as a parent.

Stella has always been very flexible with me and has done her upmost to accommodate my needs. She communicates any slight changes she might need to make to parents in a clear and timely fashion.

One of the things which recommended Stella to me was her approach to meal times. Fruit is available for snacks any time and meals are healthy and nourishing. Having been allowed juice at home, I thought my daughter would be fussy about drinking water; once again, Stella worked her magic, somehow managing to get her drinking water - now it's all we give her too!

It goes without saying that the setting is clean. There are a range of educational and fun toys and activities for children of all ages to play with which are alternated once in a while to ensure that the children don't get bored. Stella's older children are often present and they are such brilliant role models for the little ones and a testament to Stella's wonderful ability to work with children. When I asked my daughter what Stella is like so I could put it in this review she said that she is a kind fairy queen. I couldn't have put it better myself!"  (Sarah, Parent)


  • Degree BA Hons. Early Childhood Studies  - ongoing (Open University)

  • SENDCO for Childminders: 2021

  • NVQ Level 5 Diploma Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care - February 2018

  • Train the Trainer Care Certificate Assessor – March 2016

  •  NVQ Level 3 Diploma Children and Young People - November 2013

  • .Cambridge English Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International (Council of Europe Level B2)

  •  BTEC Level 3 and Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care (D*D*D*) July, 2012

  • Teacher/Supervisor (Accelerated Christian Education) February, 2012

  •  Level 2 NVQ Health and Social Care February, 2010

  •  Children Workforce Development Council (CWDC) 2010

  • Qualified Teacher -2001 (University of Cape Coast, Ghana Institute of Education)


  • Early Years- Professional Development Programme (Building on Success) Training: Starts January 2022

  • Universal Training: November 2021  (Early Years Speech and Language  Therapy SALT Team) 

  • Wellcomm Training: November 2021 (Early Years Speech and Language  Therapy SALT Team) 

  • Neurodiversity Training 4th August 2021 (Kinderly)

  • Let's talk STEM: Supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in the Early Years June 2020  (Kinderly)

  • Designated Person Safeguarding Training Manchester City Council - March 2018

  •  Paediatric First Aid - June 2021

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2019

  •  Prevent Duty and Safeguarding - November 2016

  • All Mandatory Training in the workplace - 2017

  • Safe Handling and Administration of medication Level 2

  •  Positive Behaviour Support (PBS - CITRUS) Training -

  •  Safeguarding children and young People (Child Protection)

  •  Equality and Diversity

  •  Diabetes and Autism Awareness 


Employment History 

  1. Ofsted Registered Nanny, 5 December 2014 to date.

  2. Deputy Service Manager: Homeleigh, Regards Partnership December 2015 to March 2018.

  3. Deputy Nursery Manager Bear Buddies Nursery Ltd Rawtenstall, July to August 2014 

  4. Residential Support Worker Eden Care North West (Children and Young People with Special Needs) Manchester, July 2009- July 2014

  5. Childcare Worker (Jeremy Kyle & Joe Frost-Supper Nanny Shows) March,2011 to date

  6. Chaperone Licenced: Manchester City Council (Children Services) July, 2011

  7. Children’s Chapel Head of department (0 to 3 years) and Additional Needs teacher - Victory Outreach Church Manchester, (Voluntary).

  8. Parenting Class Facilitator: Victory Outreach Church Manchester, April, 2012 to date.

  9. Teacher Home Schooling for children, Manchester September, 2010 to July 2012.

  10. Teacher- Lighthouse Christian School Manchester January 2007 to January 2009

  11. Facilitator- Teen Challenge Ministries Ho, Ghana, December, 2005- December, 2006

  12. Girl Child Education Facilitator- Ho, Ghana September 2003 to December, 2006

  13. Teacher- Ghana Education Service September 2001 to December, 2006.

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